TweenGMX Beta 14 + Moving to GM Marketplace

Hi, all.
TweenGMX Beta 14 is now available which addresses a couple bugs, better supports Feather, and extends documentation. However, updates will no longer be supported here on this platform. So, I encourage you all to access the latest beta from the GameMaker Marketplace.

If you do not want to go through the GM Marketplace, you can also access TweenGMX Beta files directly from my personal website.
If you would like to keep track of future updates, you can also follow the TweenGMX Twitter account, or join its Discord server.

I hope this tool continues to serve you well!

Beta 14 Changes:
-Fixed tweens being mistakenly destroyed when target deactivated 
-Fixed normalized durations producing nan values 
-Improved Feather support
-Added missing documentation to Script Reference

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