TweenGMS Pro v1.11

Happy New Year!

TweenGMS Pro v1.11 is now live.

This  update improves callbacks by allowing for struct targets, as well as better handling target assignment for methods. Please be aware that you may need to update existing callbacks if you notice a difference in behavior related to calling environments. Using the keyword 'undefined' as a target could help maintain existing functionality in certain cases. Please see TweenAddCallback() in the Script Reference for a bit more detail. (or check the update log below)

TPStruct() and TPInst() have been added as "advanced properties", allowing you to easily tween struct members or variables belonging to instances other than the tween's target.

A full update log can be found here:  v1.11 Update Log




TweenGMS Pro v1.11 [GMS 2.3.7] 112 kB
Jan 01, 2022
Script Reference (v1.11) 91 kB
Jan 01, 2022
Starter Guide (v1.11) 46 kB
Jan 01, 2022

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