TweenGMS Pro v1.12 (copy-on-write fix)

TweenGMS Pro v1.12 is now available! 

This update includes a fix for GML's recent removal of "copy-on-write" for arrays (by default).  This update also disables "Feather" for TweenGMS' scripts. This should help reduce reported "warnings" for those using the GameMaker Studio 2 beta. I aim to make further changes to better support "Feather" as it continues to improve.

Update Notes:  
- Updated code for GML's removal of array "copy-on-write" 
- Improved JSDoc support for GMLive 
- Disabled Feather (Should hide most false warnings) 
- Removed unused internal "getter" functions 
- TweensTarget() now supports [self] and [other] 
- Various optimisations


TweenGMS v1.12 [GMS 2.3.7] 113 kB
Feb 25, 2022

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