TweenGMS 2 Beta 11

This update adds a fix for the removal of "copy-on-write" array functionality, a change currently in the latest GameMaker Studio 2 beta. Please note that HTML5 targets will need to keep "copy-on-write" enabled for now, at least until GMS 2 gets updated with a bug fix.

There are other various fixes in this release, as well as some performance improvements. Please note that there is also some changes to normalized durations. Using a [value] array duration will still work, but I'm testing a new system which uses structs (e.g. {rate: 100}) to set durations based on an average rate of change. You can read the changes below for more details:

Please read the UPDATE LOG for more details.


TweenGMS 2 Beta 11 [GM 2022] 108 kB
Feb 07, 2022

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