TweenGMX Beta 13 (Essential Runtime Fix)

Beta 13 for TweenGMX is now live!

This is an essential update for those using GameMaker's beta channel, as 'id' is no longer a real value but instead a reference. This change breaks older versions of TweenGMX. An update for TweenGMS is also planned for the near future.

Along with additional fixes, general VM performance, such as tween initialization, should be improved due to converting system enums to macro constants.

[Update Log]

- Updated code to support GameMaker's runtime change for 'id'
- Fixed TweenPlay() definition not showing ease parameter          
- Fixed mangling of implied struct targets for tweens and callbacks      
- Fixed TweenCreate() not setting implied target for "off-rail" calls  
- TweenCreate() optionally no longer requires any arguments                   
- Fixed target selection missing multiple instances with object index             
- Changed system enums to macros to avoid naming conflicts


TweenGMX Beta 13 [GM 2022] 115 kB
Jun 24, 2022

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